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Entry Doors - Gates, Interior Doors & Leaded Glass

Our Entry Doors are designed to go with the architectural style of your home, your own personal taste, as well as your budget. Do you want more light but are not willing to give up your privacy? That is not a problem and we will show you how. With hundreds of Signature designs, traditional to contemporary, we can find one to meet your needs or we will design something that does.
A talented artist is ready to guide you in creating the perfect entry, gate or interior doors.

A well known architect said “I would like to know the history behind each of your Signature designed entries, how they evolved”.
We are able to create unique Signature designs that incorporate the homeowners’ vision.

Gates are one of the most difficult things to build. They need to withstand the constant beating they receive from the elements. Our building method prevents sag and open joints which has enabled them to withstand the weather, i.e. a 10’ x 6’ pivot gate on the water for 5 + years without open joints.  Note: All products must be maintained with all six sides finished.

Interior Doors are a key element to a good interior design. Furniture, wallpaper and art work can be moved around and changed. Doors and windows create a background. Anyone can build Stained & Leaded Glass, however it takes an artist with an understanding of glass to create something of true beauty.  Click Here or on the picture


Exterior Doors - Swinging French Doors, Bi-fold Doors, Sliding Doors, Pocket & Corner Doors

Open up your home to what is beyond your four walls. Expand your living space with our Bi-fold doors and or Sliding Pocket units. Our units are top-hung with a flush sill and built-in drains and therefore there is no exposed track.

Do you need screens? Screens are available with our Sliding Door units. Would you like Bi-fold doors and screens? Our brand new 2 door and 4 door Bi-fold unit is now available with the same wood screen doors that are on our sliding unit. We have the first of its kind on the market. It is “Patent Pending” and is displayed on our showroom floor.

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Windows - Awning, Casement, Fixed & Profile, Bay, Bow & Greenhouse, Sliding

Windows and doors create a background for your daily living. Our Deluxe window referred to as “a piece of furniture” has been designed with concealed hardware and recessed screens. There is no need for window coverings to hide these beautiful creations. Windows and doors become an integrated part of your home and enhance the interior as well as the exterior of your home. See our Profile window designs.

Basic windows like the casement and sliding windows, or the bay and bow windows in our line, are all built to the same exacting standards we build our doors to.

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Before & After

Architectural Windows & Entrys has changed our modest home to a place of refinement and elegance. It was a tract home and felt boxed in, very confining. The creativity of the design changed the functionality of our home. The new windows and doors have framed the outside world and brought the beauty of the outside in. From the exterior Architectural Windows & Entrys has added distinction to our home while leaving the interior feeling expansive”.

Gail W, Newport Coast

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